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"When two powerful Latinas
blend their talent, genius happens"

Nindy Design Studio

is a digital marketing agency with full bilingual fluency in both English and Spanish. Nindy was founded by two creative Latinas - one north of the border and one south. Indiana Rivera, from the SF Bay Area, was afforded the opportunity of meeting an extraordinary graphic designer, Nancy Diaz, from Merida, Yucatán, Mexico. While both were individually talented and hardworking, their combined expertise yielded unrivaled results of boundless creativity and status quo shattering ways of thinking about marketing.

Indiana & Nancy were first brought together to work on a project where their creative cooperation and forward thinking designs were put to the test. Indiana was the Sales & Marketing Director and Nancy, the Graphic Designer for the team. After excelling beyond all expectations on their first project, they continued to push brands to new, unreached heights through memorable designs and forward-thinking marketing strategies.

Their portfolios continued growing and they quickly became a sought-after, powerful marketing duo. After 6 years and many successful projects, they launched Nindy Design Studio.

Nancy + Indy = Nindy

Along the way, other diversely talented individuals in the US and Mexico joined the rapidly expanding studio to enhance Nindy's offerings in social media, animated video, graphics, web development and other new endeavors in Nindy's wide-ranging portfolio!


Marketing Strategist Extraordinaire.

Over the course of my diverse career, I've established myself as a top performer who consistently surpasses performance expectations. Whether it's increasing revenue, expanding brand awareness, developing strategic marketing campaigns or acquiring new customers, I'm an extremely dynamic professional with a proven track record of success in highly competitive markets.

With over 43 years of sales experience, I know what it takes to close a sale. One of the key lessons I learned quickly is that your marketing tools are your biggest advantage in closing the sale. This is why I chose to get involved in marketing and creating tools for fantastic salespeople. At the end of the day, what drives the beating of an entrepreneur's heart is satisfied clients and customers, and what better way to find those with a desire for your product or service than with a beautiful, finely personalized set of marketing materials.

NANCY D. CONDE - Co-Founder / COO

A Graphic Designer Like No Other.

I'm passionate about helping small businesses communicate their value through user-centered design that delivers functionality and is aesthetically pleasing.

As a Graphic Designer with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and International Business (plus an MBA) I'm able to balance creativity with the practical aspects of marketing. I love to work on projects with a global, multi-national impact. My full fluency in both English and Spanish, in addition to my certification as an English Teacher, helps give me the globally-minded viewpoint necessary to execute on these ideas with the greatest effect.

I have spent the last 12 years designing and creating everything from logotypes to mobile app user interfaces and everything in between. Whatever you need to make your brand stand out, I've got you covered!

We are fans of all things digital, savants of social networks
and persistent innovators of design.

Sinahí Anzar

Social Media

Content Manager

Rodrigo Díaz

Social Media Designer

Digital Animator

Alexander Schonken

Full Stack

Web Developer

Celine Rivera



Chester Ruiz


Business Development

Jennifer Reyes


Social Media Ambassador

Ana Paula Sánchez

Social Media

Graphic Designer